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Zero Dog Training Skills Needed

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So, Why An Online Course?

Unwanted Behaviors - Are you tired of dealing with your dog's unwanted behaviors? Do you want to build a stronger bond with your furry friend and create a happy, well-trained companion? Look no further, our online dog training program has everything you need to transform your dog's behavior and build a lifelong relationship.

Convenient, Cost-effective, and Customizable - Our online dog training program offers the convenience and flexibility you need to fit your training into your busy schedule. You can access the program from anywhere and at any time, making it easy to work on your dog's training whenever it's convenient for you. Compared to hiring a personal dog trainer, our program is cost-effective and provides lifetime access to the training material.

Self-Paced and Comprehensive - Our online dog training program is self-paced, allowing you to progress at your own speed and on your own schedule. And, with a wide range of information and resources, including videos, Facebook Live Sessions, and interactive features, you'll have everything you need to learn about different training techniques and approaches.

Proper Training Is The Key To

Your Dog Owner Success

Without Training

  • Dog Jumping

  • Obnoxious Barking

  • Leash Pulling

  • Disobedient and Unruly

With Training

  • Not Jumping

  • Doesn't Bark Obnoxiously

  • Understands Proper Leash Walking

  • Obedient and Loyal

What's Included in Our Online Course?

Marker Usage

The course will cover the basics of marker training, including how to use positive reinforcement to teach new behaviors and how to communicate effectively with your dog.

How To Hold A Leash

The course will cover the basics of leash handling, including how to hold the leash correctly to prevent pulling and how to use different types of leashes.

Cooperative Care

This course on Cooperative care refers to training techniques that involve working with a dog in a way that is safe, humane, and respectful, with the goal of building trust and a positive relationship between the dog and the owner.

Basic Obedience Commands

This online course teaches dog owners how to train basic obedience commands such as "sit," "stay," "come," "heel," and "down" using positive reinforcement techniques and troubleshoot common training issues.

Leash Walking

This online course teaches dog owners how to properly handle a leash while walking their dog, including how to prevent pulling and how to train the dog to walk calmly on a leash.

Dog Reactivity

This online course teaches dog owners how to manage dog reactivity by understanding the causes, triggers and using positive reinforcement techniques to teach the dog to respond calmly in different situations.

Redirecting Your Dog

This online course teaches dog owners how to redirect their dog's behavior by understanding and addressing the underlying causes, using positive reinforcement techniques and providing alternative behaviors that are more acceptable.

Crate Training

This online course teaches dog owners how to crate train their dog using positive reinforcement techniques, understanding and addressing the underlying causes of resistance, and how to properly size and place the crate for the comfort and safety of the dog.

Trick Training : Bonus

This online course is designed for dog trainers and owners who want to take their training to the next level by teaching their dogs fun and impressive tricks.

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See what our clients have to say...

Allison B

"I have an Australian Shepherd/ Border Collie mix who is a bit of a hand full and a big barker.. Victoria has been very hands on and has properly shown me how to use a prong collar and how to establish boundaries between me and my pooch. Ever since working with Victoria, our walks have been nothing but a good time! Could not recommend her enough!!"

Ashley C

"The owner and trainer, Victoria Erbe is an amazing trainer. Her dog ,Buck , is the most well behaved dog you have ever met. She has helped members of my family with difficult training issues! You won't go wrong entrusting your dog with Victoria!!Anyone who says otherwise, is lying and didn't use her services!" - Ashley

Adam B

"Victoria is extremely educated in what she does. She's passionate about what she does and takes pride in her work. Highly recommend! Her training specifically on dog reactivity has helped my experience with my dog tremendously. The first time trying her online methods I noticed with consistency my dog started to listen and it was rewarding.

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